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23 Jan iPhoneography

When the new iPhone 4S was announced, I was completely on the fence about upgrading. I didn’t really care about the speed upgrades or sharper display, but when I heard about the camera, it really piqued my interest. I’ve been in search of a professional level, point and shoot but with more manual control type camera for a long time and I wondered if this might be it. I’ve rented the leica x1 and played around with the fuji x100 and they are incredible, but both were a bit too bulky to drop in my pocket and take with me all the time. They also caused me to pause due to price point so I’ve never pulled the trigger on the purchase decision for one of the premium prosumer cameras.

Once I read about the improved optics, the volume control shutter and the higher megapixel count, I decided to upgrade. (As an aside for those that don’t know, there are great sites such as┬áthat will buy your old phone for near the upgrade price, making the decision much easier.)

Let me say, that after experimenting, this camera is not in the same ballpark with the premium cameras mentioned above. However, there is no reason one should get as good of images out of this small chip camera as you do. It is also so convenient since you have it will you all the time.

This whole category of posts will be dedicated to my shooting with the iPhone camera. Some will be straight out, some will be processed using different apps. I’ll make sure and put the particulars in each post and talk about my thoughts if something came up during the picture that I had to work around.


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