Bo Parker Photography | Headshot as a Marketing Tool?
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Headshot as a Marketing Tool?

02 Dec Headshot as a Marketing Tool?

The thought of having to get a corporate headshot done is usually on the bottom of the list along with going to the Dentist, or watching a really long power point presentation. It’s completely understandable. Being in front of a camera somehow magically strips people from being able to “act natural.” Believe me, I’ve been there. What I was overlooking was the true value of a good, innovative headshot. Yes, headshots can be innovative.

Let’s say for example that you are in the midst of a pr campaign and a magazine or trade publication decides that they want to interview industry experts for their cover story. You along with three or four other folks are all called, give your $.02 worth and the story is written. As a part of your contribution, you are asked to provide a headshot for the article (along with the others that contributed as well). One reality to note, in this day and age, is that every publication is not going to have a staff photographer or have a budget for photography; particularly if it is a small trade pub.

As the designers are laying out the pub, they decide to feature one of the experts for the article as the cover image. Where do you want your picture; just in the spread or on the front cover with the largest title, “Industry experts weigh in on …”? As the art directors are making their selections of the photos available, which do you think they will pick? Do they want the standard, real estate, flat light headshot or the one that took a little it of a chance and did something much more visually appealing?

This may sound like a far fetched scenario, but I can tell you that it is in fact true. It has happened to someone I know and the business benefits his company reaped from his appearance on the front cover made that headshot worth its (times 1000) weight in gold.

Next time you are considering getting your headshot done for work, rather than dread the experience, look at it as a marketing opportunity waiting to happen.

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